segunda-feira, janeiro 02, 2006

New Year Again

Here we are in 2006, a new year in life. I really hope that this year wiil be better than 2005.
How was your new year night?What would be the perfect night for you?
The perfect night for me would be in an exotic country, in the midle of nowhere, in the midle of the desert or mountain, just be and the perfect girl, i don't need fireworks or music, or crouds or drinks, for me this components are essencial.
This year i was sorrounded by people, i had fire works, i had music, i was with some friends, i had a good view of the ocean i was even on the beach, i had drinks, but this was not enought for me.
Well, i hope next year will be better and i really hope to continue to change my life.

Happy new year for everyone

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Floppy disse...

Vai ser um bom ano, tenho a certeza :) :) :)