segunda-feira, janeiro 16, 2006

Women Rulers

Good afternoon!
A new working week starts today!
yeasterday was elected for the first time a women for president in South Latin America, her name is Michele Bachelet and was supported by the left in Chile. She is going to join the short list of women liders that include the first african women president( the Liberian Ellen Jonhson) and the prime-minister of Bangladesh.

The full list of current women presidents and prime-ministers:


Michele Bachelet- Chile

Tarja Kaarina Halonen-Finland

Ellen Jonhson-Liberia

Mary McAleese-Ireland

Vaira Vike-Freiberga-Latvia

Maria Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo -Philipines


Luísa Dias Diogo -Mozambique

Khaleda Zia -Bangladesh

Helen Elizabeth Clark - New Zealand

Angela Merkel -Germany

Maria do Carmo Silveira- São Tomé e Principe


Elizabeth II - UK

Margrethe II- Denmark



Dame Calliopa Pearlette Louisy -Saint Lucia

Dame Sian Seerpoohl Elias - New Zealand

Dame Ivy Leona Dumont - Bahamas

Michaëlle Jean -Canada

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