quarta-feira, janeiro 11, 2006

Pulquerio at the movies

Yeasterday i started in London to leave a some minutes later to kenya and then passed to germany and stop in sudan finishing my trip in Tanzania, this happened all without leaving Lisbon.
I went ot the cinema yeasterday and saw to very good movies: The constant gardener and Darwing Nightmare.
The first one was great for me in all the main aspects, the story, the actors, the scenary, and in some parts i was thinking "what a hell i am doing here i should be there" looking at the action taking place in Kenya. The constant gardener was directed by Fernando Meirelles the director of Cidade de Deus, the main actors were Ralph Fiennes "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire , Schindler's List " and Rachel Weisz ( Constantine and The Mummy ) and was based on the John le Carré novel. The main plot is about the death of the wife of a english diplomate and his investigation to know what is behind her death. Great film
The second was the documentary Darwin's Nightmare that is passed in Tanzania. This movie follows all the activities and life that is conneted with the Nile perch fishing in the Victoria Lake. This movie shows the cruelty of the world and in some way how the rich north affects the poor south, and how contradictory is a country to be the main exporter of fish to Europe having misery and famine in their country, how food is being trade in change of wepons, how the supposed Tanzina economy is better because of this comerce when the truth is that the big ones get rich and the majority of the population wins less than a dollar per month, how all this fishing activity is based in a fish that is not original from the Lake Victoria and is killing all the endemic fishing, and one that most irritated me is to see the fat powerfull guys.
i recommend this film to everybody to wake up and see really how world is outside Europe.

The photo of the kenya slums present in the constant gardener taken from this website http://www.imcworldwide.org/index.shtml

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