sexta-feira, janeiro 20, 2006

Unesco 2004

Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture

The Portuguese people are directly connected to the wine culture, the last landscape to enter the Unesco list shows it very well. This is the second landscape that enters because of the wine culture.
The last one I talked about was in the north of Portugal in the Douro valley, this one is Pico Island in Azores.
Pico is the second largest island in Azores but with very few inhabitants. The wine landscape consists of 987-ha site of long linear walls running inland parallel to the rocky shore. These culture remotes from the first times of occupation of the island in the 15th century and is considered a very good example of response of viniculture on a small volcanic island.
All the area is beautiful, the Wynyard’s, the island, the houses, the wine cellars, churches and ports.
I have never been in Azores but more time passes more I want to go there.

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