terça-feira, janeiro 09, 2007


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and 9th biggest city of the european union, with 1.7 million inhabitants. Budapest result from the merge of 2 cities, Buda and Pest, located in diferent banks of the river danube. Nowadays Budapest is considered one of the most preaty city in Europe and is in the UNESCO world heritage list.
Budapest is going to be my home for one year. i am leaving Lisbon in March so i can discover how is to be far away from home during one year :)
At the end of this month i leave my job and then start thinking about my new adventure.
It's great that hungary is sorounded by 7 countries and i only have been to one.
Austria, the country of the Alps and culture, the home of Mozart.
Slovakia, the land of the Tatras, i have been there only for a few hours in Bratislava, a very nice city.
Croacia, know for the beautifull landscape and misterious islands.
Romania, the Transilvania with the folk tales.
Ukraine, one of the biggest countries in europe, famous for their culture and also because of one of the most famous enviornmental disaster.Also kknow for Krimeia.
Slovenia, one of the most fast economy growing and the new country of the Euro zone.
Serbia, the pearl of the Balkans.

This is only one overview of this coutrnies that i will try to visit in detail.

So in March here i go to budapest.

quarta-feira, janeiro 03, 2007

Welcome to 2007

And here we are for a new year in our lifes.

this year started in a different way for me. just me and a friend looking to the river seeing lisbon on the other side, watching 3 diferent fire works at the same time, and intead of drinking champagne and eating grapes we just drunk wine. then we crossed the river to see a concert of the past and that i normally wouldn't go but had a lot of fun.
it was a night different of i imagined but at the same time for me magic.
But the world doesn't stop. the crisis situations degrated in some countries and the majority still didn't resolve their problems. the situation just improved in one country.
When i look to the crisis group report the same countries appear a lot of times like sudan and israel.
on the month of december a lot happened in the world. the situations deteorated in Basque Country, Bolivia, Egypt, Fiji, Iran, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Sudan, Turkmenistan.

i wish a good 2007