quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2005

Best of the best

Folowing the wave of making in the blogs the best and worst of 2005 here goes my list:
The best moments of 2005:
-The greatest of all was my trip to Bangladesh and the top was to play drums in an hindu ritual
-The course in Rostock(was great to be sorounded by people of similiar areas of knoledge)
-Week in a conference in Sesimbra(was good to feel a forener in my own country)
-weekend in Valladolid

The worst moments in 2005:
-when i received some stupids messages
-master studies
-when i was sick
-when i was low

The best films:
-old boy
-aquatic life of steve siszy
-garden state
-jeux d' enfants
-before the flood

The best shows i saw:
-ran kyau
- street teather in Almada
-street teather in Rostock
-Xutos concert
- "Jantar de Idiotas"

To all a better 2006

quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2005

Would you go to Nigeria?

Imagine that:
-you love traveling
-you love adventure
-you want to start form the beginning
-you want to run away from all you problems
-somoeone offers you a very good job in Nigeria
-and Nigeria is very unstable
-and you hear news of people being kidnaped
-and your helth is not 100% but when you have to go to nigeria will be
-and leave all your familly and friends behind


The gentle art of making enemys

It's very easy to make enemys more easy than to make friends but there is a big diference between people you just don't like and enemy.
Enemy can appear everywhere in your work, neighbours etc but the real, worst enemy are the ones you were friend in the past.
How to make a real enemy?
It's very simple , you win the simpaty of the person and has closer the person is to you better it is. Then one day just do the most stupid thing in a world, doesn't matter the motive and hurt the person real bad, then moove on and leave her.
If everything works well this person that is still a bit surprise with your reaction will hate so much that makes them your perfect enemy.
To increase the bad fillings just ingnore the person and let time work.

I just want to say sorry to all my enemys and i just hope not increase the number has fast i am doing now.

terça-feira, dezembro 27, 2005

South side of the peninsula

Setubal is a very beautifull peninsula, is where i live and i have my roots, is where the mountain meets the ocean, so everytime i can i go to the southside of the peninsula and see the view, i just have to cross the peninsula and run away for my city.
Arrabida the place where i took this photo is one of the last place to have the mediterranian forest.
Enjoy the scenary

domingo, dezembro 04, 2005

Weekend in valladolid

i was tired of being in the same city, so last wednesday i decided to go visit my friends in valladolid, i tokk the train exactly at 4 o'clock. the trip had to be for train because there is no more bus going directly from lisbon to valladolid. The train trips are always intersting, bacuase you are nver alone and you can always make an conversation to someone that is also alone like you. This time i had dinner in the restaurant, i wnated to try it, so this could be different ( the dinner is expensive like heel but it was good to try). I arrived to valladolid at 1.30 am were i had no one waiting for me, my frined forgot i was comming. i had to call him, only at 2.30 i arrived to a hot place.
I slept all the morning on thrusday and in the afternoon i met more friedns fo mine. it was interesting to attend a lecture about was the school in the times of Franco, i laghut a lot but it made me mad to see that they have portugal in their maps has part of spain, that i hate.
In the night i discovered more about the night in valladolid.
Friday i went to the arquitecture party that started at 11.30 and went all day., driking, dancing and talking, well it's better to forget the dancing part. One more night to discover the good things of valladolid and to play sonig in the sega megadrive( a new model).
Saturday was interesting, morning don't have a meaning for me in this city, i went to show this spanish guys that we also have the risk game, i almost win but in the end nobody won.
Today i still didn't get out and i am preparing to go to the cinema. i have to say i didn't see much of the city, but i already knew it so no problem
my train to Lisbon leaves at 3.20 in morning

goodbye valladolid

segunda-feira, novembro 14, 2005

Life goes on

One more day, one more week, life goes on and everything goes the same has always, that may not be bad but it's not good also. I continue imagining my trips all over the world, now i dream with Morocco but i also have Stonia in my head. I recall all the people i have met in this time, and i question what are they doing, are they alive, married, what happened to them. What happened to your best friend in the kindergarden or the first girl you kissed, or the persons you met in the interrail or in the bus on the way to other country.
life goes on. Work, master studys, going out in the weekend and then comming back to work. Head full of dreams, ideas, problems, wishes, duties that you should do like taking the driving licence or finnish some papers.
Of corse something diferent happens sometimes that allows you to skip the routinejust ofr a litle, a small detail, like going to tv casting or going to boysband concert that you don't like with your nice and see all the girls screaming for you.
One more day, one more week life goes on.

sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2005

Public transports

Public tranports are very interesting places and if you are a writer is certainly a source of ideas and characters and i confess i am a character.
Have you imagined how diferent public transports would be if nobody wore cloths, if nowadays is a good place to catch flue imagine without cloths would be for shure a place to catch other kinds of deaseas and a new kind of conversations would appear like "i hate going on public transports, i am pregnant again".
The transports are so packed sometimes that we really become initimate with the other passengers, we even sometimes share our complains with the others and we become brothers against the bad public transports.
Public transports are good to meet people that we don't see for a long time and share the things that had happened all this time, normally not much happened, only if you really didn't see htis person for really long time. Normally when someone askes me what you have been doing i always compealed to imagine a more exiting story than just saying working, walking around etc. Wouldn't you like to say like, well, in this years i was arrested but finnally i run away and now i picked this bus so i can have hosteges so i can reach Morocco.
Public transports are also a place to see people that you really don't want to see anymore and someotimes you are compeled to speak and be the most sinick has possible, like having a very big conversation like this: Hi. Hi
You always could not speak with that person and be more true with yourshelf but then you become anti social.
When you really hate someone, you don't see him or her for long time and you see them in the bus there is always a feeling of frustantion "dam, he/she is still alive".
Public transports are good to see what is in fashion, cloths, smells.
And then is good to see that are more ugly and crasy people than you (you think they are craiser and uglies than you).

the photo is form Banlgadesh but no taken by me source:: http://www.theblisspages.com/travel/bangladesh.php

quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2005

Book tips

Yeasterday i bought finnally a book that i read a long time ago that i really liked it and that i recomend to every teenager. The first time i read, i didn't know anything about it and i just tooked it from the library and started to reading. At the same time i was reading i was listening to Soul Asylum so it was a great feeling. The book i am talking about is "Flash" by Charles Duchaussois. For the ones that don't know this is the autobriography of the autor telling aboutt the time he was a junkie and travelled around the drug world between 1968 and 1970, going from France to Nepal. for me this a travell book instead of a drug book.

But now i am reading another book,"In the South Seas" by Robert Louis Stevenson the writer of the "Treasure Island", this is about a trip he took to the Marquesas, Paumuts and Gilberts Islands in the south pacific. Like many travel books the writer instead of only descibing his adventure also tryes to describe the society, culture, history and problems of the places that he visit. This even more interesting because the book is from the end of the XIX century and some of the places he visited had just left the cannibalism behind and started to open more to the western world.

If i can't travel i have to read about it and imagine being there

The photo is once more of me travelling somewhere this is a way to share Bangladesh with rest of the world

quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2005

Before the flood

Imagine you live calmmly your in city, in the valley, with a great view, a river near by and one day the goverment tells you that your house is going to be under water because they are going to build a big dam flooding all the valley submerging thousands of houses. This is the story of the documentary that i saw yeasterday, "Before the flood" by Yu Yan and Yifan Li from China. This documentary focuses in all the process wich haim is to destroy all city and moving the inhabitants to a new city that has been built from the ground. The director focoses mainly in three cases, the anglican church, a familly hostel people and the resident council. You see how the new houses are atributed, how the compensation money is given to each familly, the differences in amounts between cities, the despair of the ones that won't have money and see their past being all destroyed with very few hope in the future, the resistance of the ones that don't want to leave, and more the film develops more you see the city moving to the end.
A very interesting film that i recomend, for more details do a film search because i am not a film critic :-)
legend: it's not a war zone, just the last days of the old city.
Image from: http://www.salzgeber.de/index.php?presse

sexta-feira, outubro 14, 2005

Finnaly weekend

Finally is weekend! And is time to shave and try to look preaty to go out at night!
i am tired and bored to death! this week was very dull.
I miss traveling. I am making a new atlas colection but the books are very bad. The maps are in very bad scale and of corse the information is very few, and the description of the country is wrong has the legend of some photographs, ex: gives bad information about the exports of bangladesh and in one picture says that is a rice field but in reallity is a tea field.
I have finally the google earth in my pc, and i have marked all the places i have been but i think they are very few so i have to go to more places, there so many coutrny without any of my marks

Today i spoke with a friend of mine and i am thinking on going to morocco next december. Only this dream of travelling makes me going on and happy.

Today i applyed to work in Tailand for the UN so if know someone there, please tell them to hire me

please, i also take nice photos.

The bad weather is back to Portugal

p.s.next week i will work hard

quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2005

It's rainning again, o no i am loosing a friend(supertamp)

It's rainning, since last sunday that is rainning and the expalnation is simple, it's rainning because there were local elections in Portugal and Saint Peters(the guy upstairs that controls the weather and the people that enters in heaven)is still crying with the results. Did you know that one of our local presidents was suposed to be arrested but ran away to brasil and only came back to years after only to become president again, and she is not in jail, great. I understand saint peter very and i think because of this is going to rain all week.
Last saturday i went to see world press photo http://www.worldpressphoto.nl/ and i recomend it to everyone that likes photo jornalism. i am also a very good photo jornalist, one of the greatest has you can see by this picture.
This photo shows the dispare of a portuguese in the midle of nowhere at Gedser(danmark) in the dark sorounded by strange charaters and spirits. Enjoy the darkness

sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2005


The place in the photo is going to receive the G8 meating in a few years and is one of the most expensive baltic coastal resorts. It a nice place to have a big party, like a rave, people dancing on the beach, on the top of the castle in a totally anarck way. I love music but not all, i get tired of hearing the same things very easelly.
I like hearing and watching portuguese music but unfortunelly that kind of music is an minority compared to american music and passes in the radio or Tv. MTV Portugal is interesting,when arrived passed some portuguese videoclips but now you have to be lucky to find one. The excuse could be that Portuguese music sells very few that can be true, but when i look at the portuguse chart and see that the in first place is a portuguese group(i don't like it very much it's young girls music) and that the 4th, 7th and 10 place is also portuguese i have to ask if it's true or not that portuguese don't want to see portuguese groups, then i see american groups that i never seen or heard and or not in the top of sails.
We have MTV Portugal but is almost the same thing that having MTV Europe in my opinion

quinta-feira, outubro 06, 2005


One more day goes bye and i remember the good days i had in the this two past months, yeasterday i was reading my atlas and i was counting the coutries that i have been, Portugal included. Only 13, there are so many that i still have to go and so few time.
The first time i was out of Iberian peninsula was on 2002 and since then i am trying to recover time and discover the much countrys possible.
Before 2002-Spain and Portugal
2002-France and Germany
2003-Monaco, Malta, Italy, Holly Se
2004-Slovaquia,Poland and Cheque Republica
2005-Bangladesh and Danmark
My main objective now is to go to every independent country, big or small
i leave hear more photos from my vacations

terça-feira, outubro 04, 2005

One walk around

One day in my summer corse i went
for a walk around warnemunde. i started in the beach, where there is
the big problem of the stormsurge. The autorities are recovering the dunes has a natural protectcion against the sea waves.

More east of Warnemunde we have a lot of erosion caused by the sea, many of the sand deposit in wanermunde beach comes form near bye clifs. One of the ways men found to fight the erosion was puting this stone protection

This photo was taken in one the first beach resort in the world, during the times of the east germany all this old buildings started to degradate and look abandoned, nowadays this resort is once again a place for very rich people, this two buildings are going to be recovered and in 2008 this place is going to have the G8 meeting.

This last photo i put here is form wisma a city that is in the list of world patrimony of UNESCO
Wisma is known for the three big churches, in the photo you can see the only one that wasn't all destroyed during the second world war.
The other two churches were recovered but only after the reunification of Germany

segunda-feira, outubro 03, 2005

Goodbye Radio 91.6(now cidade fm)

i am very sad today!
i tought it was because of my horocope or because i stayed all sunday at home but today i discovered that was because one of the only two radios i listen i over.
The radio that i could here in 91.6 is over, one of the few radios where i could listen the clash or Sex pistols or even some strange groups that till today i don't know who they are! now this is all over. Now in 91.6 is the cidade fm one of the most comercial radios possible.
like i said there are only two radios i listen and the other i can't listen at work, so now i have no good music to listen. you could say i could listen to internet radio but for me is not the same, i could try to get mp3 but that means research work and internet at home.
So today is a very sad day.

And radio didn't have any publicity or stupid dj coments

quinta-feira, setembro 22, 2005

East Germany

After leaving Gedser i took the ferry to Rostock where i stayed for two wonderfull weeks.
Rostock is the largest city of the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, situated in the old Eastern Germany, with a population of 200 000 residents.
In the Eatern Germany times, Rostock was the main port, with an incredible traffic, with reunification of Germany the port lost importance for the other bigger ports has Hamburg. Nowadays is more common to see a ferry full of turists from Scandinavia than a ship carring products. The all state is in crisis, the young people imigrate to west because there is no job, there is about 20% of unemployment in the state, agriculture is disapearing and industry is dead, the only hope is on turism, that is more intense near the baltic coast, supporting cities like Rostock and Wisma, but even here the crisis is felt. Nowadays is least expensive for a German turist to go to the warm coast of Greece than stay in the Cold and rainny shores of the baltic. The number of women in the state is decreasing more and more beacause of immigration. Did you know that even this State is still controlled by PDS( the old left party of the east) the racism and extream right has more power in this state than in the others. The differences between east and west are very big, here is not so common to find an english speaking person.
The city of Rostock was completly distroyed during the second world war, the cty because was small and compacted served has a test point by the allies to see how to atack the other cities. the bomb attack was very effective and destroyed all the city just in a few hours. After the war the city was recovered but not all, some buildings were left the same in a way to show how things were before the war. After the reunification of Germany all the main cities were totally recovered and the number of falling buildings is much smaller, now you can see the big churches totally recovered. People say that during the comunists time the country was falling appart, the state of the houses was very bad. One of the heritage from the comunists time were the very big dormitory, worker houses. Some of the buildings reminds me my city, the social neighborhoods.
Rostock is a very old city and has one of the oldest Universitys in Europe. The city used to be surounded by an old wall and we still can see some of their remainings. The main buildings are the gate doors and the city hall. One of the most funny things about the city is that in some churches there are people living there like they were in a flat.
There are some interestings parques and churchs, in of the churches you can go to the top of the tower and see all the city, in other church you wilol find a very strange clock that tells you hours, days, zodiac signe, sun set, etc but doesn't say the minutes. The other great sight is to see the harbor by night.
When i was there it was a special day, it was shopping day, so stores only close at midnight. It was really a great day i even saw a very nice fire show.
for more info about rostock and w(good luck almost everything is in German)

photo:University of Rostock
Fountain in front of the University
Diferent views of Rostock

quarta-feira, setembro 21, 2005


On 2 of September i travelled to the north of Europe to the inospid territories of Danmark. I landed in Copenhagen were i stayed for only two nights, then i travelled south to Gedser where i took the ferry to Germany.
During this trip i violated the basic rules of travelling, first when i called to the hostel where i was going to stay i should had writen down wich bus and stop i should go out, i didn't, so i got lost and missed i bus stop. i took more than 1 hour to find the hostel but finnaly i found it.
back in the hostel i asked were i could raise money but i didn't care about the answer, resul: i wlaked like crasy and had to ask to a native danish( i discovered that he was from sumalia)where it was the cash machine and a nice place to eat. i found a very nice place to eat so nice that i decided to go in next night( on the next night i didn't find the restaurant). the rest of the night was nice, on my way back to the hostel i discovered a nice libanese bar were i smoked water tobacco, after i decided to go to the disco.
My arrival to the disco was funny, the guard asked me if i knew where i was, he thought that i was looking for the biblioteke( i had the guidebook in my hand and i was wearing glasses). i didn't pay entrance because i was a student. the music was very bad but i didn't care, only after ~leaving the disco and looking more carefully to the guidebook i discovered that the disco had two dance floors and i went to the bad one. Now that i am back to Portugal a friend of mine told me that i stayed in the worst neighborhood of the city and that some time ago a guy was kild in the disco.
In the second day i went to the big copenhagen tour, always caring my guidebook. i started with the cemmitary where the most famous dannish are. in the picture you can see Hans cristian handerson grave. The cemmitery is very nice, looks like a very big garden where you can walk, run, play ball but that is replected with graves. ( i saw people joggin in the cemmitery). My next stop was the botannic garden and the the fortress.
The story of the fortress is very funny. The fortress was build to protect the cities from attacks of the enemy comming from the Baltic Sea, but was the first place to be invaded by the German in the begginig of the second world war.
I continued walking now by the water where i passed near the "full of turists liltle marmaide",some churchs(catolic, protestant, ortodox), the house of the queen, till i reached the main the square where the opera house is. Near the square you have one of the longest streets in Europe free of cars.
In the afternoon i went to the parlament, national library, citty hall, main train station, lot of chruches and of corse cristiania.
Cristiania is a self declared independent country, in really is an old millitary barranks that was occupied in the 70 by people. For a long time thewy didn't pay taxes to Dannish goverment and is free to buy drugs there. It's a free stile of living. the country is governed by a coupreatiuve of people and put rules in that land. It's a very colloufull place, with strange houses, lot of graffities, very annimated. They have a lot of coffes, vegetarian restaurants and some nice jazz bars. I saw dannish girls dancing african tribal music, very funny.
This was my day in copenhagen, it was so long that in the night my legs hurt so much i could move.
The last contact i had with Danmark before going to Germany was Gedser. Gedser is a very strange town,, you don't see people anywhere, when i arrived to the ferry station i couldn't see a soul. the room was empty till a russian man came in, he sat there for a while quietly,then a women came after him and started havind a discussion, so it was only me and two russian people yelling and crying in this empty room in the midlle of nowhere. finnaly the ferry came and when i enterd in the ferry it was full of people( everyone goes by car or bus to the ferry, never on foot like me).

photo legend:ferry to germany, bhor tomb, hans critian handerson tomb, botanical garden, fortress, cristiania, Copenhagen

sexta-feira, agosto 26, 2005


Yeasterday i applyed to be a volunteer for united nations but today i received the news that i only can appply after 25, well i am just 24 so i will wait more one year.
In the other day arte e factos asked me about the volunteering. The voluntership i do is the short term volunteering and i normally go by the SCI-Service Civil International, this organization began doing workcamps after the first world war(i think) in camp between german and french i a way to build peace. Nowadays SCI is all over the world but not in Portugal. In Portugal IPJ is their partener and can send you to their camps, but you can also apply by sending them an e-mail that you are interested in attending their camps( this is only possible because there is no SCI Portugal).
Workcamps independently of the organization is all based in the same policy. in almost all camps i only worked in the morning and had free afternoon to do what i wanted to do and the weekend is also free.
When applying by the IPJ, you have to be less than 30 years old and normally they only accept for the summer workcamps, but if you go to the SCI website you will know that there is no age limit and that there are camps all over the year. In IPJ you will find a list of camps in majority they are in Europe. If you apply by the IPJ to a developed country you don't pay anything, only 25 euros that are repayed back(you pay your travel). In the camp you have food and a place to sleep, sometimes there are some activities included. In Bangladesh my work was to plant trees or mark the camp, the work was very few and we only worked in the morning and not every day. The bangladesh camp was the first in wich i payed(100 euros), this is not a fixed price it varies from undeveloped country to undeveloped country, for example to Mongolia i would have to pay 170 euros or in Zambia 270 euros.
Warning:Every camp is diferent, you have to choose the country, the kind of work, see what kind of extra work activities they have, how is the food (if you have to cook or not), and the place you stay(house, tent, etc). And of corse the duration of the camp and when. I also know that sci organises some long term volunteering but you also have to pay something.
Today i received by the Un a big list of organizations and websites where you can know more about volunteers projects in this case world wide and not only portuguese. There are some portuguese ong that do international volunteer service.
"from the e-mail i receveid by the UN"
WorldVolunteerWeb at http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/ to obtain a wealth of information on volunteerism worldwide.
Country specific information is available at http://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/dynamic/cfapps/national_profiles/index.htm.
To be informed about volunteer news, events and organizations, subscribe to the WorldVolunteerWeb.org newsletter athttp://www.worldvolunteerweb.org/dynamic/cfapps/interact/subscribe/

The sci website is http://www.sciint.org/wcamps/index.htm

If you become an UN volunteer, they pay you the trip, and give you pocket money, but if you have time you can search a litle more

quinta-feira, agosto 25, 2005

My dream

( i looked like this when i arrivedback to Portugal)
My biggest dream is to become a volunteer in a remote part of the world. Since i am a young boy that i have this dream to be a volunteer and travel around the world. i would love to work for an ong, to UN anywhere. Well i have the contact of a ONg in bangladesh that works with GIs and even i have the adress of GIS company in Bangladesh.If anyone that has some influence on an ONG and look for a GIS especialist that has been in Bangladesh,
Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Malta, Cheq Republic, Slovaquia, Italy and Malta please give me a call.
I am happy today even i have a lot of things to do. I was back from Bangladesh on Saturday and next week on friday i am back on the road and i am going to Germany. I love this feeling. Moving not beeing in the same place for a long time. It's great. Before going to Germany i am going to Denmark so i can join one more country to my list.
In my last post i wrote in Portuguese but a friend of mine asked me to write again in english so i am going to speak just a litle bit more about bangladesh.
I arrived to bangladesh in the 1 of August, in the airport i got the visa only for 15 days( they don't give more), i took so much time getting the visa that i thought that i would lose my bags and that the person waiting for me in the airport. In the end i got my bagage and Mussaraf was still there waiting for me. The guy was very happy to see me and me also. Daka is a crasy city, full of crasy drivers, rickshows and a lot of polution and baby taxis. it's strange to just arrive and then be sent to a totally diferent world.
In my first day i got the news that i was going to the middle of the country to kalia( a very small village) and that the only international volunteers were me and 1 french girl and 2 guys from nepal that were somewhere lost in India. In the same day i left Daka and arrived to Kalia. In the way to Kalia i crossed the beautifull river Padma by boat, i was sorrounded by locals admiring my camera.
When i arrived to Kalia i wanted to call home, but it was a big surprise for me that there were no phones. Nobody contacted me for 2 days, my sister only called two days after in the midle of the night to a number that i have given to her just to call in case of emergency. i know now that those days were hard to my familly that were starting to get in panic.
Kalia is the end of the world, there is full of trees and rivers and mosquitos, and next to kalia there is tagherhat one of the biggest market citys that i have seen, the city is a market, if you want something you go there and find it( not including postcards, that new invention). The trip between kalia and tagherhat can be done by foot or by a king of rural rickshaw. The diference between this 2 villages are so big that i can't explain( one is the calm the other the stress).
Kalia is sorrounded by big agriculture fields maily rice and jute fields. The main food there is rice with something, doesn't matter what, the only excape possible was a litle bread in the morning with egg, but not always. The people in the camp didn't use a lot of spice because of me and Laure(french girl) but the food normally is very spicy.
I stayed 12 days in kalia. In the first day i was around the town like the candy men giving candy to every kid in every school, then in the end of the day i palyed a litle of football with out boots.
In the nexts days we worked in the morning planting trees and marking the football camp.
The football field was nice and the best thing on it were the cows and goats that lived there.
In the following days i went to a hindu marriadge. the bride is very happy(has you can see in the photo) and to a muslim marridge lunch. I saw people working handicraft in bambu and pottery. I also went to a very small boat trip. The greatest day in Kalia was when i participated in an hindu ceremony, i played drumms and all, it was really great. i miss that so much. Now for me the hindus are great.
After Kalia i went to cox bazzar, the beachg resort. The view there is great but i have to confess that there are much more nice places to stay and go than there.
just after one day i was once again in daka, this time trying to get a extention of my Visa(that only came 3 days after).
The next 3 days i was in the northwest, i have tryed the bengali train and it was great. I slept in a ong camp and in an arqueologic guesthouse in the midle of nowhere. it was my india jones days.i could write a lot about those days but they would be never enought.
My last days were spent in daka, seeing places that i thought didn't exist in that big city. I was in the hindu quarter and attended a great small boat trip. to end the day i lost my visa card.
And this where my 20 days in daka very resumed in this post.
Every photo correspond to a part of the text, try to find it.

the religions in Bangladesh:guess who is who

terça-feira, agosto 23, 2005


É bom estar de volta a esta terra de camões onde a lingua portuguesa é rainha. Hoje escrevo em português porque é esta a minha lingua. Escrevo em Português também como forma de homenagem a Bangladesh.
No inicio do século XX, existia apenas India mas os Ingleses decidiram partir o país em dois na altura que deram a independencia, sendo que passou a haver a India e o Paquistão. Uma das grandes razões pelo qual o Bangladesh se tornou independente do Paquistão é o orgulho de falar Bengali, o povo de Bengala achou que era a gota de água quando o estado Paquistanês tentou proibir o ensino de Bengali nas escolas e obrigou o ensino de Paquistanês. É com orgulho que Bangladesh celebra o dia internacional das linguas todos os anos sendo também o seu dia nacional, dia da celebração da sua grande individualidade que é o Bengali.
Estive 20 dias no Bangladesh e foi uma experiência muito boa que não vou esquecer tão cedo.
Bangladesh é um pais pacifico onde as diferentes comunidades religiosas convivem sem nenhum problemas. As noticias sobre atentados de fundamentalistas islamicos não demonstram a verdadeira realidade do país. Eu estive numa pequena aldeia onde hindus vivem em harmonia com a maioria muçulmana.
Daka é a capital louca, com o stress do dia a dia, cheia de rickshows e babys taxis sempre prontos para te levar a qualquer lado pelo dobro do preço real. É sempre necessário negociar o preço, mas por vezes é dificil discutir com pessoas que só percebem a sua adorada lingua o Bengali. Daka possui também uma certa magia, principalmente em Old Daka. É nessa parte da cidade que sentimos a verdadeira alma da cidade, ruas estreitas, cheias de pessoas. Ai estive num belo forte antigo e até vi o pink palace, um testemunho dos tempos do colonialismo inglês. O rio que atravessa a cidade é cheio de vida, com os seus barcos, pessoas a nadar, a lavar os dentes , a tomar banho, a saltar para a água. Não muito longe do rio existe a rua dos hindus, onde de dois em dois edificios encontramos uma estátua de kali ou de outro deus, quando por lá passei a festa reinava e havia muita musica e cor, pessoas cheias de pó branco e amarelo. Foi bom tomar um chá naquela rua.
Kalia é uma pequena aldeia rural e pouco mais se pode dizer. Não existem telefones e durante 12 dias ou tomava banho no lago comunitario ou utilizava a bomba de água. De noite na escoridão total houvia a musica dos rituais hindús e por vezes houvia a reza muçulmana.
As casas eram simples mas de diferentes formas e feitios. Era normal ver uma cabra ou vaca calmamente a pastar.

O nordeste é rico em sitios arqueológicos com testemunhos de todos os grandes imperios que dominaram o país, desde os tempos do budismo até ao islamismo actual. A fotografia demonstra um dos poucos locais no Bangladesh que pertencem há lista de sitios pratimónio da humanidade. Este é um antigo mosteiro budista, no centro o grande templo e em volta estavam as celas dos monges budistas( cerca de 100). O templo foi queimado pelos hindus quando estes conquistaram esta parte do território. Mesmo assim os hindus aproveitaram o local e ainda podemos ver inumeras gravuras hindus.
Cox bazar é uma das maiores praias do mundo e o que mais se parece com uma estância balnear, a cidade em si não é muito interessante, mas aposto que se tivesse explorado um pouco mais os arreodores teria adorado. Esta terra fica muito perto da fronteira da Birmania e é dos pouco lugares onde ainda existe uma forte comunidade budista.
Neste belo país estive em locais de culto das 4 mais importantes religiões do mundo.

Para o ano Mongólia ou Nepal.