quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2005

Best of the best

Folowing the wave of making in the blogs the best and worst of 2005 here goes my list:
The best moments of 2005:
-The greatest of all was my trip to Bangladesh and the top was to play drums in an hindu ritual
-The course in Rostock(was great to be sorounded by people of similiar areas of knoledge)
-Week in a conference in Sesimbra(was good to feel a forener in my own country)
-weekend in Valladolid

The worst moments in 2005:
-when i received some stupids messages
-master studies
-when i was sick
-when i was low

The best films:
-old boy
-aquatic life of steve siszy
-garden state
-jeux d' enfants
-before the flood

The best shows i saw:
-ran kyau
- street teather in Almada
-street teather in Rostock
-Xutos concert
- "Jantar de Idiotas"

To all a better 2006

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