quinta-feira, dezembro 29, 2005

Best of the best

Folowing the wave of making in the blogs the best and worst of 2005 here goes my list:
The best moments of 2005:
-The greatest of all was my trip to Bangladesh and the top was to play drums in an hindu ritual
-The course in Rostock(was great to be sorounded by people of similiar areas of knoledge)
-Week in a conference in Sesimbra(was good to feel a forener in my own country)
-weekend in Valladolid

The worst moments in 2005:
-when i received some stupids messages
-master studies
-when i was sick
-when i was low

The best films:
-old boy
-aquatic life of steve siszy
-garden state
-jeux d' enfants
-before the flood

The best shows i saw:
-ran kyau
- street teather in Almada
-street teather in Rostock
-Xutos concert
- "Jantar de Idiotas"

To all a better 2006

quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2005

Would you go to Nigeria?

Imagine that:
-you love traveling
-you love adventure
-you want to start form the beginning
-you want to run away from all you problems
-somoeone offers you a very good job in Nigeria
-and Nigeria is very unstable
-and you hear news of people being kidnaped
-and your helth is not 100% but when you have to go to nigeria will be
-and leave all your familly and friends behind


The gentle art of making enemys

It's very easy to make enemys more easy than to make friends but there is a big diference between people you just don't like and enemy.
Enemy can appear everywhere in your work, neighbours etc but the real, worst enemy are the ones you were friend in the past.
How to make a real enemy?
It's very simple , you win the simpaty of the person and has closer the person is to you better it is. Then one day just do the most stupid thing in a world, doesn't matter the motive and hurt the person real bad, then moove on and leave her.
If everything works well this person that is still a bit surprise with your reaction will hate so much that makes them your perfect enemy.
To increase the bad fillings just ingnore the person and let time work.

I just want to say sorry to all my enemys and i just hope not increase the number has fast i am doing now.

terça-feira, dezembro 27, 2005

South side of the peninsula

Setubal is a very beautifull peninsula, is where i live and i have my roots, is where the mountain meets the ocean, so everytime i can i go to the southside of the peninsula and see the view, i just have to cross the peninsula and run away for my city.
Arrabida the place where i took this photo is one of the last place to have the mediterranian forest.
Enjoy the scenary

domingo, dezembro 04, 2005

Weekend in valladolid

i was tired of being in the same city, so last wednesday i decided to go visit my friends in valladolid, i tokk the train exactly at 4 o'clock. the trip had to be for train because there is no more bus going directly from lisbon to valladolid. The train trips are always intersting, bacuase you are nver alone and you can always make an conversation to someone that is also alone like you. This time i had dinner in the restaurant, i wnated to try it, so this could be different ( the dinner is expensive like heel but it was good to try). I arrived to valladolid at 1.30 am were i had no one waiting for me, my frined forgot i was comming. i had to call him, only at 2.30 i arrived to a hot place.
I slept all the morning on thrusday and in the afternoon i met more friedns fo mine. it was interesting to attend a lecture about was the school in the times of Franco, i laghut a lot but it made me mad to see that they have portugal in their maps has part of spain, that i hate.
In the night i discovered more about the night in valladolid.
Friday i went to the arquitecture party that started at 11.30 and went all day., driking, dancing and talking, well it's better to forget the dancing part. One more night to discover the good things of valladolid and to play sonig in the sega megadrive( a new model).
Saturday was interesting, morning don't have a meaning for me in this city, i went to show this spanish guys that we also have the risk game, i almost win but in the end nobody won.
Today i still didn't get out and i am preparing to go to the cinema. i have to say i didn't see much of the city, but i already knew it so no problem
my train to Lisbon leaves at 3.20 in morning

goodbye valladolid