quarta-feira, outubro 12, 2005

It's rainning again, o no i am loosing a friend(supertamp)

It's rainning, since last sunday that is rainning and the expalnation is simple, it's rainning because there were local elections in Portugal and Saint Peters(the guy upstairs that controls the weather and the people that enters in heaven)is still crying with the results. Did you know that one of our local presidents was suposed to be arrested but ran away to brasil and only came back to years after only to become president again, and she is not in jail, great. I understand saint peter very and i think because of this is going to rain all week.
Last saturday i went to see world press photo http://www.worldpressphoto.nl/ and i recomend it to everyone that likes photo jornalism. i am also a very good photo jornalist, one of the greatest has you can see by this picture.
This photo shows the dispare of a portuguese in the midle of nowhere at Gedser(danmark) in the dark sorounded by strange charaters and spirits. Enjoy the darkness

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