sexta-feira, outubro 21, 2005

Public transports

Public tranports are very interesting places and if you are a writer is certainly a source of ideas and characters and i confess i am a character.
Have you imagined how diferent public transports would be if nobody wore cloths, if nowadays is a good place to catch flue imagine without cloths would be for shure a place to catch other kinds of deaseas and a new kind of conversations would appear like "i hate going on public transports, i am pregnant again".
The transports are so packed sometimes that we really become initimate with the other passengers, we even sometimes share our complains with the others and we become brothers against the bad public transports.
Public transports are good to meet people that we don't see for a long time and share the things that had happened all this time, normally not much happened, only if you really didn't see htis person for really long time. Normally when someone askes me what you have been doing i always compealed to imagine a more exiting story than just saying working, walking around etc. Wouldn't you like to say like, well, in this years i was arrested but finnally i run away and now i picked this bus so i can have hosteges so i can reach Morocco.
Public transports are also a place to see people that you really don't want to see anymore and someotimes you are compeled to speak and be the most sinick has possible, like having a very big conversation like this: Hi. Hi
You always could not speak with that person and be more true with yourshelf but then you become anti social.
When you really hate someone, you don't see him or her for long time and you see them in the bus there is always a feeling of frustantion "dam, he/she is still alive".
Public transports are good to see what is in fashion, cloths, smells.
And then is good to see that are more ugly and crasy people than you (you think they are craiser and uglies than you).

the photo is form Banlgadesh but no taken by me source::

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