quinta-feira, outubro 20, 2005

Book tips

Yeasterday i bought finnally a book that i read a long time ago that i really liked it and that i recomend to every teenager. The first time i read, i didn't know anything about it and i just tooked it from the library and started to reading. At the same time i was reading i was listening to Soul Asylum so it was a great feeling. The book i am talking about is "Flash" by Charles Duchaussois. For the ones that don't know this is the autobriography of the autor telling aboutt the time he was a junkie and travelled around the drug world between 1968 and 1970, going from France to Nepal. for me this a travell book instead of a drug book.

But now i am reading another book,"In the South Seas" by Robert Louis Stevenson the writer of the "Treasure Island", this is about a trip he took to the Marquesas, Paumuts and Gilberts Islands in the south pacific. Like many travel books the writer instead of only descibing his adventure also tryes to describe the society, culture, history and problems of the places that he visit. This even more interesting because the book is from the end of the XIX century and some of the places he visited had just left the cannibalism behind and started to open more to the western world.

If i can't travel i have to read about it and imagine being there

The photo is once more of me travelling somewhere this is a way to share Bangladesh with rest of the world

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