sexta-feira, outubro 07, 2005


The place in the photo is going to receive the G8 meating in a few years and is one of the most expensive baltic coastal resorts. It a nice place to have a big party, like a rave, people dancing on the beach, on the top of the castle in a totally anarck way. I love music but not all, i get tired of hearing the same things very easelly.
I like hearing and watching portuguese music but unfortunelly that kind of music is an minority compared to american music and passes in the radio or Tv. MTV Portugal is interesting,when arrived passed some portuguese videoclips but now you have to be lucky to find one. The excuse could be that Portuguese music sells very few that can be true, but when i look at the portuguse chart and see that the in first place is a portuguese group(i don't like it very much it's young girls music) and that the 4th, 7th and 10 place is also portuguese i have to ask if it's true or not that portuguese don't want to see portuguese groups, then i see american groups that i never seen or heard and or not in the top of sails.
We have MTV Portugal but is almost the same thing that having MTV Europe in my opinion

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Anónimo disse...

Hi Brother!!!


I was thinking about writing you a personal e-mail but if I were you I think that read messages in my blog would be more special.

As we don´t meet in the messenger I´ve decided read you and be closer to you in the net. And I have to say that I´ve enjoyed a lot with your words and experiences. Continue writing, please!!! Don´t forget your fans ;-)

Well, the comment :-P, I almost forget it; MTV Spain also awful. I don´t watch tv, so I recommend you this radio-website. I think you´ll like this music:

I hope to talk to you very soon. Big kiss my crazy-volunteer-traveller-brother :-*