quarta-feira, outubro 19, 2005

Before the flood

Imagine you live calmmly your in city, in the valley, with a great view, a river near by and one day the goverment tells you that your house is going to be under water because they are going to build a big dam flooding all the valley submerging thousands of houses. This is the story of the documentary that i saw yeasterday, "Before the flood" by Yu Yan and Yifan Li from China. This documentary focuses in all the process wich haim is to destroy all city and moving the inhabitants to a new city that has been built from the ground. The director focoses mainly in three cases, the anglican church, a familly hostel people and the resident council. You see how the new houses are atributed, how the compensation money is given to each familly, the differences in amounts between cities, the despair of the ones that won't have money and see their past being all destroyed with very few hope in the future, the resistance of the ones that don't want to leave, and more the film develops more you see the city moving to the end.
A very interesting film that i recomend, for more details do a film search because i am not a film critic :-)
legend: it's not a war zone, just the last days of the old city.
Image from: http://www.salzgeber.de/index.php?presse

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