terça-feira, outubro 04, 2005

One walk around

One day in my summer corse i went
for a walk around warnemunde. i started in the beach, where there is
the big problem of the stormsurge. The autorities are recovering the dunes has a natural protectcion against the sea waves.

More east of Warnemunde we have a lot of erosion caused by the sea, many of the sand deposit in wanermunde beach comes form near bye clifs. One of the ways men found to fight the erosion was puting this stone protection

This photo was taken in one the first beach resort in the world, during the times of the east germany all this old buildings started to degradate and look abandoned, nowadays this resort is once again a place for very rich people, this two buildings are going to be recovered and in 2008 this place is going to have the G8 meeting.

This last photo i put here is form wisma a city that is in the list of world patrimony of UNESCO
Wisma is known for the three big churches, in the photo you can see the only one that wasn't all destroyed during the second world war.
The other two churches were recovered but only after the reunification of Germany

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kunkinhas disse...

Kunkinhas says Hy to Pulqueiro!

I haven´t been seing u for sometime,i´m arround lost somewhere in Portugal(in the tipycaly rough and agressive northen-east part of the land)trying to finish up my course & start doing much more interesting things like traveling!
the last time i saw u it was so quik that i didn´t have the chance to say Hy properly.But i would like to sit down with u and know more about your "further-east experience" that i´m dying to talk to u about it!
..I also payed your blog a visit because i wanted to live a comment about Wärnemude: i was also there last Augost & i must say that what thrilled me the most was the fact that i had gone as far as that part of continental europe & of germany as well & and been to such a cold waters(it has nothing to do with our portuguese waters!). I was also fascinated by the feary boat trip from rostock to Wärnemude and to hear the tipycal german meklenbürger accent of the tour guide.
i didn´t take pictures of the place ´cause i haven´t bought the camera of my dreams yet(i´m quite primitive in that aspect)& i´m just a university student with a very low budget, so...But as i was saying, even though i didn´t get to take some pictures of the place i made sure to bring some souveniers (post cards...and stones,for my collection)
So it´s nice to know that i wasn´t the only one finding the place interesting!
I hope to see you soon & if not may it be because u´re busy doing something interesting,like traveling!