segunda-feira, novembro 14, 2005

Life goes on

One more day, one more week, life goes on and everything goes the same has always, that may not be bad but it's not good also. I continue imagining my trips all over the world, now i dream with Morocco but i also have Stonia in my head. I recall all the people i have met in this time, and i question what are they doing, are they alive, married, what happened to them. What happened to your best friend in the kindergarden or the first girl you kissed, or the persons you met in the interrail or in the bus on the way to other country.
life goes on. Work, master studys, going out in the weekend and then comming back to work. Head full of dreams, ideas, problems, wishes, duties that you should do like taking the driving licence or finnish some papers.
Of corse something diferent happens sometimes that allows you to skip the routinejust ofr a litle, a small detail, like going to tv casting or going to boysband concert that you don't like with your nice and see all the girls screaming for you.
One more day, one more week life goes on.

4 comentários:

Djuba Jhaiba disse...

Se fizeres o que tens para fazer a tua vida muda e passas a ter outras coisas para fazer, quem sabe talvez até mais interessantes :)!!!

Anónimo disse...

Hi brother!! I´m sure you don´t do the same everyday. You see different people on the bus, you listen to different music, you walk by different streets, you take coffee in different cafes... and you dream about different trips. Not everything is to move yourself, you can move your mind.
I´m going to see you very soon. I love you ;)

Anónimo disse...

Talvez se de vez em quando te lembrasses mais dos amigos...talvez a vida nao fosse tao monotona!!! E para saberes como e que eles estao basta so un mail de vez em quando! Beijinhos


ps-vou ai pelo natal mas a paula ja me disse que vais de ferias para outro sitio...

Anónimo disse...

Nao, nao estou chateada contigo!
Jinhos e ate breve