quarta-feira, janeiro 04, 2006

Lisboa - Dakar 2006

This year the ancient motorsport race to dakar has started, and guess where did it start? Yes, Lisbon. In a couple of years Lisbon has been in the center of important sporting competitions, if people don't know portuguese will thing that we are really sporty active.
Since Dakar race is Portugal i decided to go see the cars, i promise that one day i am going to participate and get somethings first
-driving licence
-good car
-mecanical knowledge
The photos were taken not in Lisbon but in Portimão at the end of the first stage. here goes the link with all the info about this race, and since i am portuguese FORÇA CARLOS SOUSA (portuguese best car driver in competition), FORÇA FARIA (the best classified portuguese in Motorbikes), FORÇA JACINTO(portuguese women in trucks)

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Floppy disse...

ehehehehehe gosto da imagem de ti daqui a uns anos (com barriga? ;) a guiar um camião com um ar super profissional! serias o às do deserto... acho que consigo imaginar-te mais como um tuareg a viajar pelo deserto sem ninguém à volta... mas de phones, claro! ;)