quarta-feira, janeiro 25, 2006


S.Jorge is another of the central islands, the product more know for the comun people is it's cheese, "queijo de S.Jorge", and in my opinion a very good one. The main towns in S.Jorge is Velas with 5546 and Calheta with 3976 inhabitants

Terceira is the second more important island in the Açores. Angra do Heroismo is the second more important city in Azores and has 34941 inhabitants. Like i said in previous posts Angra is Unesco patrimony of mankinde. The second more important town in Terceira is Praia da Vitória with 20055 inhabitants. It's near Praia da Vitória where there is the American base of Lajes where took place the bad meeting that preceded the invasion of Iraque.

São Miguel is the biggest and most important island in Açores. The main Açores City is here, it's Ponta Delgada that has 64616 inhabitants. The other main towns are Ribeira Grande, Vila Franca do Campo, Nordeste, Lagoa and Povoação. the main atractions include the cozido das furnas, a dish that is cook inside the soil, the land is so hot because of vulcanic activity that food can be cooked by putting the food inside a hole. the second big atraction is Lagoa das Sete Cidades, an old vulcano mouth that is now a lagoon.

Santa Maria is a small island, with São Miguel they are the eastern Açores Group. Santa Maria was the first island to be colonized by the portuguese, much because of her location, it's the most southeastern island. The most important town is Vila do Porto and the all island has 5490 inhabitants.

I really dream to go to Açores, see the vulcanic view, eat the good food, drink the good wine, enjoy the calmness and the green fields, the ocean, the birds, the wales, the tipical portuguese architecture.

The source of the photos are from city halls

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