segunda-feira, janeiro 09, 2006

RD Congo, Sudan

i just want to divulge for 2 international situations so people can aknowledge what is hapenning in the world.
Sudan- There is big risk of agravating the conflict in the east of Sudan that can be worst than darfur and also can spread to Eritreia and Ethiopia

Democratic Republic of Congo- katanga conflict at the most rich mineral region in the country that is risk of becoming bigger after the march country elections. in this regions there are 3 main conflicts; north against south, natives with outsiders, mai-mai militias and national army. Can you see how much conflicts you can get that are always directly or indirectly with money.

A pilot in Dakar (Andy caldecoot) died this morning he was in 10th palce at general classificiation and had won a previous stage.

good news: a professor from my course is going to be responsible for a international study in antarctida about permafrost(soil that is permanently frosen)

if you have a good news for today it would be great

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