quinta-feira, janeiro 12, 2006


Just last month i saw some volunteer position to this country UGANDA, to teatch gis for 2 years but like must of the volunteerships you have to pay everything (food, accomodation, etc).

I am just in the newsletter of international crisis group for a week and already received 3 reports about conflicts in Africa being Uganda the last one.

The Uganda Conflict is connected with the LRA(Lord's resistance Army) that has about 20 years old. The LRA is responsible for attacking humanitary aid agencys.
The International Criminal Court has sent warrants for the arrest of the LRA commanders of this movement for atrocities crimes but unfortunely nobody is putting it to practice.
LRA fights the central goverment with excuse to represent the Acholi people in North Uganda and has also the support of Sudan. In this years LRA has been responsible for abduction of children and teenagers to serve has soldiers or cocubines.
It's really needed to end LRA and stop war in North Uganda
for more information and how international crisis advice how to end the conflict

for more news about LRA

Just a interesting thing is that the lider of LRA proclaims himself has a spirit medium and wants to establish in the Acholiland region a state based on his unique interpretation of the Bible. How can a man that kills inocent people talk about religion? did he knows the madament that says "you shell not kill"

the picture is f the uganda turism site http://uganda.pukweb.com/

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