terça-feira, janeiro 24, 2006


Now I am working for a project to Açores without leaving my room and that it's a big torture.
I want to share the beauty of Açores islands, the most remote Portuguese region, in the middle of the Atlantic. All the photos belong to the Açores city halls. Corvo is the smallest island in the Açores and i also the most remote island, this island only has 435 inahabitants.

Flores island is just near Corvo. Flores and Corvo constitute the western group. Flores has two main towns, Lajes das Flores and Santa Cruz das Flores, in the all island there are about 3949 inhabitants.

Faial is already in the central group of islands, a group that is constituted by Pico, São Jorge, Graciosa and Terceira island.
It's in Faial that you can find the Capelinhos Vulcano, that nows is inactive but last eruption was in 1957.
The main city in Faial is Horta, the 3º most important city in the Açores. the island has 14934 inhabitants.
The pico island is the second bigest island in the Açores, and i spoke about it in previous posts.Pico has great viniards and is also the where it is the higgest point in Portugal, the pico mountain with 2351 m.
the main towns in Pico are Madalena, Lajes do Pico and São Roque do Pico, each one with 6074, 3605 and 4900 inhabitants.

Graciosa is a very small island but not the smallest, it has about 4706 inhabitants. The main town is Santa Cruz da Graciosa. Graciosa is the most north island of the Açores.

Tomorrow i will show the rest, Terceira, S.Jorge, Santa Maria and S.Miguel

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