terça-feira, janeiro 17, 2006

dakar is over

Lisbon-Dakar 2006 is over and was full of adventure and difficulty and unfurtunely with some sadness because of the death of 2 children and one motorcicle pilot.
The winners of moto and car were diferent from last year, this year the big winner of cars was the French Luke Alphand that assumed the first place only in the last stages after his team mate in MITSUBISHI, PETERHANSEL. The winner in motorbikes was the spanish Marc Coma in KTM. Finnaly the winner in trucks was the Russian VLADIMIR CHAGIN in Kamaz.
The best Portuguese in cars was the pilot Carlos Sousa that is from my city Almada and was 7th. The best Portuguese biker was Helder Rodrigues that was 9th.
Next year we will have more.

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