quarta-feira, janeiro 18, 2006


Some time ago i started to post the portuguese world patrimony but i didn't finish so today i am going to post 2 of the last to join the list.
In 2001 2 more sites entered the list and both of them are from the north of Portugal far away from Algarve and not even very near the sea.
The first one i want to talk about is Guimarães Storical center (it's always the storical part because the new is normally ugly has hell). Guimarães is called to be the nest of Portugal because it was here that was born the first king of Portugal, D.Afonso Henriques, a nice guy that fought his mother so Portugal could be now a indepedent country. This took place in 12th centrury.
The second is associated with most famous Portuguese export, the port wine that become famous expecially because of the english that apreciated it so much.
The Alto Douro Wine Region joins the list because of it's beauty and human, cultural landscape. It 's shows how man addapted to the clifs and to the Douro Valley.
This region is in general associated to wine.
An advice, there are two very good ways to enjoy the douro valley, the first one is the historical train trip that you can do in a track very near the douro river. The second one is going on a very nice cruise in the river douro.

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