sexta-feira, janeiro 13, 2006


Every day i enter in train i imagine i continue my trip till the end of the world, continue traveling with out stoping.
One the countries i would like to visist would be Macedonia, this country that i thought it was so quiet with no problems and that i saw yeasterday in the crisis reports.
The modern macedonia came from the extintion of the Yugoslavia being the poorest. Problems came imeadiatly after the indepedence:
-albanian minority asked for autonomy in some parts of the country asked for autonomy(this was ignored)
-Greece feering that Macedonia would like to have the Greece region of Macedonia demanded that name would be diferent that is why Macedonia is now "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"
In 2001 the problems came back, when Albanian National Liberation Army(ANL) started riots and atacks with the goverment. This short conflict ended with the recognition of the Albanian language in the country and the end of NLA.
Nowadays Macedonia is applying to belong to EU and there is hope that something changes, but the report of international Crisis group still indentifies some very serious problems being them the corruption and the need of reform the police and the judicial system.
Did you know that Macedonia is appointed has a major human and heroin trafic transhipment point?
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