quinta-feira, janeiro 19, 2006

Hamas is coming to power

I can't talk much about this matter compared with one great friend of mine that lives there, and I hope that one day she sends me photos from HAIFA.Israel is again, has always in the news. For the past few weeks the health of the prime-minister was everywhere, and then there was an interview with the chief of Palestine where he said he doesn't think to stay more that this current time. This with the constant attacks from parts, problems near Palestine politicians home, problems at the border with Egypt. Problems are a constant in Israel and Palestine.Now the problem has always, its Hama’s power and possibility of him joining the Palestine legislature. The main problem is if Hama’s joins the Palestine authority, Israel and the North countries threat to cut ties with PA (Palestinian authority).Hama’s is very powerful now and has won the majority of urban areas in the municipal elections. But contrary of someone would expect the Hama’s rule at local level has been similar to the former rulers. The local politicians emphasize good governance, economic development; social and personal conflicts leaving the Israel and religious conflicts conflict behind.Hama’s seems to be less radical, calmer, and more political than terrorist. The west is still a bit suspicious with this behavior and believes that Hama’s is just waiting for the right moment to attack back. Has a response to the winning power of hamas in local power the west cut aid to these places.After reading the crisis group report I have to agree with the group, I think is wrong and mistake to cut aid to this cities, this will only increase the hate that this people have to the west. If the west continues with the aid, and this aid is managed properly this may be a way to encourage the Islamists to "focus on day-to-day matters and facilitate a process of potential political integration and gradual military decommissioning".If its people will that hamas enters the government, international governments should accepts in the limits of the reasonable and only act if they are really a risk.I really enjoy reading the crisis group summary and I advise everyone to read it and I agree totally with their recommendations but I think that no part in the process will care or do anything that is there.Safaa if you read this I would like to know what is opinionhttp://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?l=1&id=3886p.s. I am against any act of war. Violence is no response to anything. War is only good for the weapon builders and to the war bosses and greedy man not for the people

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