terça-feira, outubro 10, 2006

Tono Valley

Iwate is one of the prefectures of Tohoku Region, in the biggest Japanese island, Honshu.Tohoku is the most eastern region in Honshu, on the way to Okaydo island.
Iwate capital is Morioka, the place where i stayed for 2 nights, that is located like many bigger towns, in a big valley where the shinkanshen train passes. one of the main atraction of Iwate is Tono Valley that has the main point in Tono town. The Tono Valley is the home of many Iwate legends, and very well known for the Kappa creatures(" A kappa is a creature about half a metre tall with a shell like that of a tortoise on its back. It also has a depressed dish on its head to collect water, and a red face with round eyes. It is said that, like monkeys, kappa have opposable thumbs on their hands and feet. Kappa are mischievous creatures and like to bother people by trying to sumo wrestle them, by stealing their livers and by dragging horses into rivers. )"
The best way to visit the valley is by car or bicicle but since i had none of this things i had to continue in the Tono town.
Tono main atraction is the legends museum and some old tradicional houses has well for it's shrines and temples.
After Tono i just go around by train to the coast. The Iwate coast line is full of small port towns with small beaches being isolated of everything.

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