terça-feira, outubro 17, 2006

Kyoto-Day two

After recovering from the hard trip, we started the monument track.
We were not very lucky sincce it started all day long.
the first stop was Kinkakuji -the golden temple.
Kinkakuji is one of the major atractions of Kyoto and is included in the unesco list. Kinkakuji is a Zen temple. The construction started in 1397 has a new residence of a retired shogun, being after his death converted to a Zen temple. The main building is the golden temple but has also minor temples and a big garden and lake.The actual golden building like much in Japan is a reconstruction because the original was burned by a crasy monk in 1950. i really thought that Portugal has fire problems but for sure is not the only one.

The second stop- Ryoanji. Ryoanji is another Zen temple not very far from the first one. the main atraction here is the rock garden. the garden only has rocks inside. they say that is very philosofical, and everyone has it's own interpretation. I realised looking to this stones with my friends, that this is too strange for me and that i looked like and idiot looking to stones. i am empty and very ignorant for sure. There is also a big lake a normal garden and a main building besides this beautifull rock garden, one of the oldest one in the world. i they are looking for a gardener.

The final stop, after so much culture, gardens and rain, it was shrine but this time much far of the center. Inari is the god of rise and the shrine is full of foxes it's messanger.
The main atraction of this shrine is the hundreads of Torii gates that cover the hiking trails of Inarisan the moutain behind the main building. it has also a lot of mosquitos so be carefull.
in the night we drunk a beer and back to bed.

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