quinta-feira, outubro 12, 2006

The camp

After leaving the east i stayed a night in Tokyo with a good friend of mine that is now mad with me. She was great and helped me to reach the work camp people.
For 2 weeks i was ina work camp in the Yamanashy region, just next to Tokyo. the main atraction of this region is mount Fuji, in the south limit of the region. The capital is Kofu and the camp was in a small village not very far away near Enzan.
The camp was located in themidle of the mountain and we could see Enzan down in the valley. the hills were covered with forest in which we had cut trees in order to build tables and a swing for young kids park.
In the camp we had people from Ireland, Greece, Portugal(me), South Korea, Greece , Slovenia and Japan. The camp was great, the people, the landscape and also for other reasons that i won't tell in the blog. In this two weeks i went to Mont Fuji even i couldn't go to the top because of the bad weather, treking, to onshen( tradicional japanese baths), to Shrines, etc. it would take a lot of time to describe erverything that ocurred in 15 days.

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