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First day in Japan

It was about 2 months ago but finnaly my friends gave me back the pictures i took in japan so i can start my cronicles.

the adventure started in Lisbon, when i was waiting for the check in to start i looked to my feet and realised that i was wearing tennis instead my travell boots( i always use boots and never tennis shoes when traveling it's part of my uniform).
the trip was great the only problem was the pain in my ears for being with a cold. a very nice feeling when you land.

Finnaly Narita airport, after 17 hours with a stop in Amsterdam on the way. i was really like i was in other dimention basicly because i was still on myself that i had arrived to Japan.
panic came just after few minutes of arriving, i had no money with me and all the atm refused to give me money, anyway i managed luckly to buy the train ticket with my VISA . ( in japan cash rules credit cards don't).

i took the train to tokyo and then...................i fall a sleep and missed my stop, good start no. with the help a japanese women i found my way back.
in tokyo i tryed again to get money and found out that i was asking for too much money and finnaly i got some yens.
i left tokyo in direction of aizuwakamatsu.

i arrived to aizu, at almost dark, it was about 18:00 and tryed to find the youth hostel. the youth hostel is located in the midle of nowhere in a place that i would never dream that there was a hostel, with almost no people on the streets. it was hard to find the place so i asked for help. i found an old japanese with me, that was very happy to help me, even he didn't speak english, he was great and phoned the hostel and then he took me there. just great, really great, this was just the beggining of the famous japanese hospitality.

i was very afraid of not having a room, since i didn't book, but soon i realised that i was the only guest there. my room companions arrived in the midle of the night, scaring me out.

here i was my first night in japan, sleeping on the floor in the midle of nowhere. i was really happy.

picture 1- the shinkanshen the fast train
picture 2 - try to understand the destination of each train
picture 3- my first bed at the hostel

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