quarta-feira, outubro 18, 2006


After visiting Kyoto monuments and a bit tired of temples and shrines our main objective was now to see the sea. I had seen the ocean so the choice was the Sea of Japan in the other side of the island.
we saw in the maps that there was a park in the coast line and also one of the most beautifull landscapes in Japan near by so we caught the train and went to Amanohashidate.
Amanohashidate meaning the road of heaven is a 3.6 kilometer long, pine tree covered sand bar.
we arrived to the train station that is in the south side and that has a temple near bye. finnaly we tested the water and went to the beach, but i have to say that the water was not very clean. We also met a strange american that took a picture of us.
after one hour we were back to Kyoto and drinked in a way to say goodbye to the last night we were the three of us togheter.

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