segunda-feira, outubro 16, 2006

Kyoto- day one

After leaving Kofu and making Tokyo a meeting point with my friends of Ireland and Slovenia e went on the direction of Kyoto.
After 9 hours of traveling in local trains in a surreal trip that loooked like we were in a total diferent country since we had to stand almost all trip and that if we had taken the fast but expensive shinkashen in 2 hours we had arrived in Kyoto.
Kyoto is one of the must go places in Japan and one of the most turistic spots known all around the world because of it's beauty and also because of the proctocol signed in this place because of the global warming.
Kyoto was the Japans capital and emperor home from 794 till 1868. The city is now the 7th biggest city and has about 1.4 milion people. the city has inumorous monuments in the unesco world heritage list and has undreads of temples and shrines.
I spent 3 nights in Kyoto but i did't see all the most important monuments. In the first day we were very tired so we just decided to see Kyoto Imperial Palace garden but unfortunely we only saw walls since all the complex only can be visited in guided tours and is sorounded with big walls. Then we went to an honsen just to take a deserved bath. While i was waitng for my companions i went to one of the many temples.
In the night we went to one of the main points of the modern arquitecute in Kyoto, the Kyoto train station. just near we could see the Kyoto Tower the tallest building in the city.
Even we were exausted we went to the river side to one of the most known streets but we didn't stay long. we saw to many tourist and we like to be the only white people around. Finnaly bed.

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