sexta-feira, outubro 13, 2006

The camp was over. Kofu

After 15 great days, the camp was over and here i was again on the road. i was suposed to go to Tokyo but i stayed one night in Kofu. The stay in Kofu was good because i was in good company. i ate shushi, saw fireworks, sing the karaoke, ate in a good restaurtant, saw more temples, heard Japanese drums, it was just great. Kofu is the capital of Yamanashy and has total of 193 795 inhabitants. The castle is like many in Japan a rescontruction of the old one and now has a very nice park inside. The city also has many temples and shrines. I miss that day, i only now give the appreciation that i didn't give that time. Writing this post after comming makes me sad but is good to look back. in that day i disapointed a friend in Tokyo for not going there and i regreat that i hurt her very much, has a punishement i got out of money in Japan and discovered that i didn't remember the code of my ATM card. After this day was a bit hard to live in Japan so i really have to say thanks to my friends there because they helped me very much.
The next day i went to Tokyo to meet my companions of Ireland and slovenia and went to Kyoto. I had to say the last goobye to a nice person unsure if i will see her again. Saying goodbye is very hard everytime but travellers have to be strong :-)
since we are citisens of the world.

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