quarta-feira, outubro 11, 2006


My last day in the east started in a diferent way. My plan was to go to Kakunodate but i took the wrong shinkashen and ended in the midle of nowhere.
Because i was in the wrong train i got out in the first station after Morioka, unfurtenely i had to wait one hour and half. instead of staying in thte station i found a turism post that sent me to a great art museum.
the art museum had a very beautifull garden with a lot of sculptures.
Happy to find this museum i left the town, back to Morioka and then to Kakunodate.
Kakunodate is a small town well known for it's samurai district where you can find some old samurai mansions. Kakunodate has also one of the most famous cherry blossom paths but in the summer you can't enjoy it very much.
This small town is know has the small Kyoto of the East. You can visit 6 houses and some are for free. There is also temples and shrines you can visit. you can also go by the river and give the hand to your girlfriend( only this the rest is very rude, just give the hand nothing more ok). After Kanodate, a good friend of mine was waiting for me in Tokyo station.

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