quarta-feira, outubro 04, 2006


After leaving Aizuwakamtsu i went to Hiraizumi, a small village that is very famous for their two temples, Chusonji and Motsuji.
Till the XII century, Hiraizumi was a very important city competing with Kyoto in importance, and the home of the Fujiwara clan. Unfurtunelly the city was all destroyed by a rival clan in 1189 and never recovered.

Motsuji was a long time ago a big temple complex but like many things in japan, it was burned and destroyed. nowadays is famous for their beautifull garden complex and still has a small temple and a youth hostel. It was in this youth hostel where is stayed for the night, where there was only vegetarian food and i had my first experince with japanse breakfast( im astill recovering) and had at 6.am free zen meditation. i was so tired that i just stayed sleeping.

Chusonji is nowadays the biggest temple complex in the area. it's located in the hill and has many small temples and is famous for the golden hall, a temple covered in gold.

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