sexta-feira, outubro 20, 2006


I left Japan and just ten hours later i was in the other side of the world in a completly diferent society, i was in amsterdam.
i had 6 hours till my flight to Lisbon so i caught the train and went to the city center.
it was bit late and i was a bit tired after so much hours so i decided just have a walk around the city.
it was the first time for me in Amsterdam and everything seemed very strange for me, because everything was so diferent from the place where i was for 4 weeks.
it was like i was just in another world, lots of turists, white people, it was cold, the sky was with a different tone, the streets look dirtier, the letters were normal for me again and i had people asking for money, the cars moved in a different side. i was alone again after so much time in a different country and different society.
a bit hungry i hate the first meet i finded, for my suprise after leaving the restaurant i realised i was in the famous red light district what contributed for my strange dream. after a few minutes i was in a coffe shop and all the rest of my trip was a very strange trip.

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