quinta-feira, outubro 19, 2006

Last moments

The end was very near. i said goodbye to my irish friend in Kyoto and went back to Tokyo with my slovenian friend.
the 24th of August was the day of goodbye and of the 9 hours travel back to Tokyo. We arrived very late to Tokyo and almost all transports are over at 0:00. we went around the Tokyo main station and think that the dream was over and that in the next day we had to go back to Europe.
The first hours we wanted to use internet so we walked in the empty streets till we find some strange shop that said internet 24 hours. it was not a internet cafe but a pornoshop that had internet. each one of us stayed in a private room and used internet when normally the japanese men see strange movies.
After this strange experince we were back to the streets and went to our finnal onsen at 6.00 a.m in shybuia, where the big Tokyo towers are. At 11 o'clock we were in the airport and i said goodbye to my friend, Tokyo and to my friend.

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