terça-feira, maio 02, 2006


one day a long time ago i decided to go for a walk in my hometown.
Almada is located in the southside of tagus river, the biggest river in the iberian peninsula, and is conected to Lisbon by the 25 of April bridge.
almada is nowadays the biggest city in the southside of river tagus with 156746 inhabitants and also the biggest comunist city in all country. The majority of the population work in Lisbon and in the other citys outside of the Almada. The most important activitys in Almada are connected to 3 sector, comerce and turism. it's in Almada that there are one of the favorite lisbon metropolitan beaches(costa da caparica) and cristo rei, a small replica from the original in Brasil. here you can also find the arriba fossil protected scenary.
Almada is very old and the name come from the arab and means "the mine". almada growth was always conected to the river and to Lisbon. almada had an important riverin port and drydocks, importance that with the passing of year desapeared almost compleately.
the major boom of population to Almada was after the construction of the 25 of april bridge, where people moved to the southside of the river hoping to buy cheapear houses, and also because it was in almada the biggest drydock in europe( this drydock doesn't exist anymore). The drydock explains the reason why the city is comunism being directly connected with working forces.
i like to live in almada but i have to confess that could be better.

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