sexta-feira, abril 28, 2006


The last day in the Alps i went for a barbakue where i ate puleta, it's a kind of corn flower thing. after lunch we went to see the vajong dam: The story of vajong is a good example that impact studies have to be done and that not only engeneers are needed. the vajong dam was built in the 60s and was one of the biggest dam in europe, it was built by a private company that was trying to sell it to the public electric company has an hidroelectric. The public company said that would only buy the dam if they emptied all the dam. before emptiyng the dam an german geologist said that if they emptied the dam, part of the hill valley would colapse. The people responsible for the dam didn´t care and part of hill really colapse. When part of the hill fell in the water, it created an giant wave that passed over the dam(that reamained undamadged)and destryed all the villages near the dam, over 2000 people died. nowadays the dam doesn't produce energy anymore and there is very few water in the dam, it's now a turistic place of interest.
After this dark moment we went to visit a city near by. in this city we discovered that this was the home of Mauro Corona, an famous sculputure, mountanist and writer and also a big drinker.
the group decided to talk with this curious character where he talked about ewverithing possible and even showned us that he knew jose saramago and Fernando Pessoa( 2 famous portuguese writers) writings.
The day ended with us all having dinner with this character and then leaving to Paduva.
My journey reached to end on wednesday morning went back to milan and then to lisbon.
here i am back to my normal life but always thinking on my next trip.

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