terça-feira, maio 16, 2006

"Afghanistan’s New Legislature: Making Democracy Work"

International Crisis Group report Afghanistan

"The fledgling National Assembly can play a vital role in stabilising Afghanistan and holding President Karzai’s administration accountable but only if it gives voice to the country’s diverse population and gets major help from international actors. Its oft-delayed inauguration in December 2005 completed formation of the country’s main governing bodies but marked more the beginning of a political transition than its end. The parliament has potential to draw the regions to the centre in a way that has never happened before but if it is considered impotent, citizens are likely to lose faith in democratisation. Unfortunately the Karzai administration appears to calculate that a weak, fragmented body would mean more power for itself rather than a loss for the country. The executive and legislative branches must not approach their relationship as a zero sum game." in http://www.crisisgroup.org/home/index.cfm?l=1&id=4108

image from www.worldpress.org/ profiles/afghanistan.cfm

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