terça-feira, maio 02, 2006

almada tour

my tour in Almada started in the 25 of april avenue( the day that portugal became a democracy again) the most important artery of the city. the stile of this avenue is very 70s in one part and very 50s in the other.

the second stop was the center point of the city, near S.joao baptista square or also known has red square. its here where you can find two schools a urban garden and the library and also Macdonalds.

the 3rd stop was near the work courthouse and the garden. it's here a good example that is not uncomun to to see comunist symbol everywhere. the text in the statue says "the comunists only work for the hapiness of the people and don't want nothing in exange and i have to be proud to be part of this party".

the 4th stop was in rua capitao leitao the street that used to be the most impotant one. here you can find the cinema that is loosing importance for the big cinema groups) and the old part of almada. this is the important streets to find bars. in the end of the street you find the old city hall and the place where i used to do some theater.

the last stop was to see the lisbon view, near by you have a elevator and the museum of modern art of Almada.

so this is my city

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Floppy disse...

Não sabia que estavas mesmo a actualizá-lo :) FIXE!!! Já cá fazias falta... assim, como é que sabíamos os países em conflito pelo mundo??? ;)