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the more p,nb and less p.n.b in europe

Yeasterday was divulged results of a eurostat study about rich and poor regions in E.U.. for 2003. The acceptable value for a region is 75% Portugal, my beautifull country has 4 regions under this value that means that is very bad. The study also considers very good if a region has more than 125%. The poorest region of E.U 15 is the Portuguese region of Norte, the north of Portugal bordering the Spanish region of Galicia and Castilla Leon.

the 10 richest regions per capita in E.U. are: The 1o poorest regions in E.U. are:

Inner London (UK) Lubelskie (PL)
Bruxelles-Capitale (BE) Podkarpackie (PL)
Luxembourg Podlaskie (PL)
Hamburg (DE) Świętokrzyskie (PL)
Île de France (FR) Warmińsko-Mazurskie (PL)
Wien (AT) Opolskie (PL)
Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire (UK) Észak Magyaroszág (HU)
Provincia Autonoma Bolzano (IT) Východné Slovensko (SK)
Oberbayern (DE) Eszag-Alföld (HU)
Stockholm (SE) Dél-Alföld (HU)

If you analise the top ten regions you will se that 6 of this regions are capital region including Luxemburg that only has one region.
The two german regions that have greater pnb are located in the west, being Hamburg an autonomus city in the north and
Oberbayern the region in the south wich Munique is the biggest city.Berkshire,Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire are located in the South East near London.
Bolzano is in the north of Italy bordering Austria.

Analising the top 10 of few p.n.b you find 6 Polish regions and 3 in hungary and 1 in Slovakia. 5 of this regions are the most East regions bordering Ucraine and Bielorrussia and Russia. The only exception is Opolskie that is in the south a bit more west and borders Tcheque Republic.
the Hungarina regions are also the most eastern regions bordering Ukrain, Romenia, Servia and Slovakia.
The Slovake region is also in the East bordering poland and Ukrain

A good exercise is to map and compare the values in europe and see wich parts of the countries are richer and poorer.
in Spain the bordering regions with Portugal are the poorest being the Extremadura the poorest of all. you can say that the west of, more far away from the center of Europe is poorer than the west.
In Italy the diference is not so much west-east but is more North South. the poorest region in Italy is the South region of Calabria.
In France Corse and Languedoc-Roussillon are the poorest if you don't count with the outre-mer departements( this 5 departments of France are under 75%, being the poorest the French Guiana with 57.6%.)
In Germany the East is poorer than the West and in the U.k the West has less P.N.B than the East.

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