sexta-feira, maio 12, 2006

international crisis group weekly resume

This week there were two important breefings about two situations in the world that have now a good oportunity of getting better. this two situtions are Haiti( carabean country in the west side of hispañola island bordering Domenican Republic where passing the year there has been great problems because of corruption and the difference between rich and pour and also forener influence) and Nepal (this country is located in the Himallays in Asia between China and India, two superpowers of the region, had problems involving the king that wanted to abolish democracy and the maoist that want a maoist state)

Haiti-"If René Préval, who is to be inaugurated as president on 14 May, acts decisively in his first 100 days and receives international backing, he can capitalise on an improved security situation to address some of the underlying causes of violence and crime. His government needs to disarm and demobilise gangs and strengthen the Haitian National Police (HNP) by professionalizing it and purging it of corrupt officers and politically-linked cells. The judicial system must also be overhauled, beginning with establishment of a joint international/national panel to review the cases of prisoners detained for long periods without trial. Haitians have high expectations that the new elected government will quickly improve their lives, and Préval needs to take advantage of a rare moment of optimism or the much suffering country could become the hemisphere’s first permanent failed state."

Nepal-"King Gyanendra’s capitulation on 24 April 2006 in the face of a mass movement marked a victory for democracy in Nepal and, with a ceasefire between the new government and the Maoists now in place, the start of a serious peace process. Forced to acknowledge the “spirit of the people’s movement”, Gyanendra accepted popular sovereignty, reinstated parliament and invited the mainstream seven-party alliance to implement its roadmap – including election of a constituent assembly to rewrite the constitution in line with the parties’ five-month-old agreement with the Maoists. The international community lost credibility by attempting to pressure the parties into an unworkable compromise with the king and must now work hard to support a difficult transition and peace process while avoiding similar mistakes."


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