sexta-feira, maio 05, 2006

My first camp

in the day of my birthday i decided to do a totaly diferent day and go to the place where all my workcamp. i was 16 years old and nowhere to go and nothing to do in the summer hollidays so i applyed for my first camp. the chosen place was Vila Viçosa, that was not very far away from almada and i could go from Almada there by bus. it was the first time i travelled alone to somewhere and i was all by mishelf. i choosed also this camp because of the nature of the work, food and place where i would stay was everything perfect and in the end the camp was really great.
so in my birthday day i went back to vila viçosa after 9 years. i was in the association that organised the camp and talked with the guy responsible for all those things, he didn't remember me but he remember all the great things we had done, it was also good to talk about the problems that they have now, knowwhat happened to some people along this time and see pictures of me with 16 years old. i didn't recognise my self.
the day continued goign well, and i was invited for lunch in a restaurant that i was 9 years ago. i went to the castle where i still remember seeing a lot dead hunting animals, going to the gardens where i talked with my friends, the places where i danced for the first time and drunk a lot of "abafado", sweet wine. i was in front of the palace where i played games. i remember it was there that my musical culture started growing, the first time i heard pixies, tithersticks and viollent femmes. i was just a kid and everything there changed my life.
this year my birthday day was really special.

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