quinta-feira, julho 21, 2005


A lot of ink was spilled about the next portuguese world heritage.
When making studies for making a dam in the coa river someone discovered some strange drawings he had just discover what is now know has Prehistoric Rock-Art Sites in the Côa. Valley. Not everyone was happy with this discovery, one dam was going to be built and this site was in danger, so there was a conflict between the ones that wanted the dam and the ones that wanted the paintings. The paintings won and in 1998 joined the world heritage list. Till today there are people that wished to have the dam instead.
"as figuras rupestres de Foz Côa" "is nothing more than exceptional concentration of rock carvings from the upper palaeolithic(22,000-10,000 bc), being considered the most outstanding example of early human artistic activity in this form anyhwere in the world" this word are not mine they are in the unesco site. Our antcestors loved to paint, art is in our blood.
Nowadays there is a park that even has a website http://www.ipa.min-cultura.pt/coa/ in english.Vila Nova de Foz Coa is in the interior of Portugal, not very far away from the spanish border, 380 km distance from Lisbon but only 182 Km from Salamanca. This region has big problems of population desertification. So help this reagion and go there.(i have never been there but do what i say and not what i do)

Even it has so many cultural world heritage Portugal only has one world natural heritage and is not even in continental Portugal but in the Madeira Island in the Atlantic Ocean not very far away from Africa. I am talking about the Laurisilva of Madeira.
The original forest in Madeira island is called Laurissilva that already existed before the portuguese discovered this island. This kind of forest used to ocupy large extensions of the european continent, all the mediterranian basin, meridional europe and north Africa, disapearing because of the glaciers. The Azores, Canarias and Cape Verde maintained this kind of vegetation. By thye discovery of madeira Laurissilva covered almost all the island, today you may find it it the nort side distributed between 300 m and 1300 m altitude.
For more information about this go to http://www.pnm.pt/florestalaurissilva.htm

Photos and information came directly from the web sites above and from this one:

I almost can't belive it in just 10 days, 10 enormous days i live this sunny country to the other side of the world directly tõ the rainny Bangladesh.

I leave in 10 days
10 days i leave
leave 10 days
je me vais en 10 jours
eu vou daqui a 10 dias
yo me voy en 10 dias, qualquer coisa assim

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