quinta-feira, julho 07, 2005


Today i am having a litle problem with the internet and i am still waiting that someone responsible to solve it, so i decided to use another computer.

I am reading a very interesting book called " In the empire of Genghis Kan", it was writen by Stanley Stewart, an Irish writer that decided to cross Mongolia by horse.

Even the book is mainly in Exterior Mongolia, the writer starts his journey in Istambul, where there is old church from the mongolian times.

At the same time he describes his trip, he makes a parallel with one that took place a few centuries ago.He describes the travell that two catolic monks made a long time ago to the Mongolian territory, years before the famous travel of Marco Polo, their main porpose was to make contact with the Mongolian king and convert has much people has possible( he hadn't had much success)

Reading this book i discovered very interting things about Mongolian history and culture that i really didn't know.

One curiosity:
Mongolia before the comunism was an eclesiastic state just has Tibet, in the beggining of xx century had about 100000 lamas, and existed 700 big monesterys and more than 1000 smaller ones. During the comunist times the majority of the monestarys where destroyed and about 20000 lamas where killed, the rest were sent to prisioners camps in Mongolia.

I still didn't finished reading, the writer is now near Tsetlserleg.

I leave in 24 days

P.S.I took the photo from http://www.mountainbike-expedition-team.de/Mongolia/mongopics.html, you can find more nice photos there.The photo was taken in Gov-Altai mountains at the west part of Mongolia near the Russian border.Mongolia is not only desert

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Floppy disse...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh já tem os dias, sim sra :)

o teu amigo-que-gosta-de-agredir-monitores não vem partir o teu de vez? ;)

pulquerio disse...

o meu amigo-que-gosta-de-agredir-monitores por coincidencia não se encontra no edificio.Se alguém souber onde ele está é favor avisar.
muito obrigado