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After 1983 the Unesco continue to join Portuguese monuments to the world heritage list.
In 1986 Historic Center of Évora was the 5th portuguese place to join the list.
Évora is the main city in Alentejo region in the south of Portugal, it has about 56525 inabitants and has a great history. This quiet city was founded by the romans with the name of Liberalitas Julia, being after ocupied by the arabs and becoming part of Portugal in 1165. Like many other citys in Portugal, Évora golden age was in XV and XVI century during the Portuguese empire and when it was a also the kings residense. During those times there were built there churhcs,palaces, monestarys, military services,etc. The architecture of Évora had a big influence in the portuguese architecture used by the Portuguese in Brasil. Nowadays you still have well preserved city sorrounded by mediaval walls, many churchs, palaces, a great university, white houses from XV century and roman remains has the temple of diana (on top).

In 1989 Portugal was awarded again but this time for a single monument Mosteiro de Alcobaça
This old monastery was ordered to be built by the first king of Portugal D. Afonso Henriques, in 1153. During passing the primitive shape of the monastery has been transformed and you can find parts from the XIV, XVII and XVIII.
Inside you can also find two of the most beatifull tumuls of the XIV. These two tumuls belong to D.Pedro and D.Inês, the most famous portuguese love story. D.Pedro was a prince and the future king of Portugal, when he was going to get married he fell in love with D.Inês from his future wife weding cometee. When his wife died a few years later he decided to get married with D. Inês but D.Afonso IV(Pedro father) that was against this marriage ordered to kill Inês. When Pedro discovered that he ordered to kill Inês killers and nomenated Inês to be nomenated queen even she was dead. When Pedro died a few years later he ordered that his tumul should be next to D. Inês.

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