quarta-feira, julho 13, 2005

Pedrogão Grande

Normaly when people think about Portugal they associate imediatly to sun and beaches, but Portugal is much more. Like i said before, i was in Castanheira de Pêra last weekend and even it's only 80 km from the ocean, is a totaly diferent world. In the park i talked about in the last post, i met a nice belgian lady. The lady started comming to Portugal 20 years ago and had visited almost every part of Portugal, from north to south, east to west, she was even shocked when i said that i was never in Piodão(a histocal village, all made of stone that is in the midle of the mountains, that you can see in the photo) and in the end she decided to stay two years in Castanheira.
Near Castanheira there is Pedrogão Grande. Pedrogão of 4398 habitants is a litle bigger than Castanheira, it has even a disco called INOX. We were there during the night in the town, it was good turing around in that hot summer night, without seeing anyone, discovering a new place. This small place has two small gardens, the same amount of some bigger cities.There i discovered that kids are more and more radical.
Pedrogão is also known because of it's river dam. Near the town there is the river dam of Cabril, a very nice place to swimm and do water sports( everytime you go to a dam, you have to be very carefull, dam are very dangerous). The cabril dam is a dam of Zezere river, the biggest secundary river in Portugal that flows to Tagus river( the river that passes near Lisbon, and the biggest one that crosses Portugal).

Zezere river starts in Covão da Metade in Serra da Estrela Mountain, where there is the point with more altitude in Continental Portugal(1993 m), and one of the few places where you can find snow all the year around. The photo is from covão, a very nice place to stay and camp, i camped there two times, but that is other story.

The river is also crossed by one the highest bridges in europe, i think the highest one is in France.

The village where we took lunch is also a bit famous, is in the midle of nowhere, it's not preatty or even has a lot of things there, is only famous because of it's name "Picha", translating to english it's Dick. Nice name and people from there are very proud to be from Picha.

All the photos are not mine, and i hope the owner don't get mad with me for using them. I really have to buy a camera.
Here goes the sources of the photos:
home.planet.nl/~koeke065/ images/PIODAO.JPG
imagemdodia.no.sapo.pt/ picha.jpg

if i forgot some source i am very sorry and i hope not to have any problem with the owner

I leave in 18 days

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Floppy disse...

também já lá fui e gostei mto!
fui no Inverno e o Zappa ainda era cachorro, foi mto giro :)
e acredites ou não, à noite fui ao Inox eheheheheh