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All around the world we can find remains of the portuguese architecture, some of them categorised has world heritage. This weekend one more has joined this list. This week i decided to talk about every place in the world that is in the unesco list and in someway is connected to the portguese culture, starting of corse in Portugal.
Portugal has incribed in the unesco list 12 cultural properties and 1 natural properties. Being the first ones added in 1983 and the last one in 2003.
In 1983 4 properties joined the list:
Convento de Cristo in Tomar - This convent is localed around 123 km distance from Lisbon. The convent was build inside the Tomar Castle where the first people from Tomar lived. The castle was ordered to be built in 1160 by Dom Gualdim Pais, from the famous templar order. This monuments was really affected and transformed with the begginig of the portuguese empire and can be seen now has a simbol of the openning of Portugal to new cultures.

Mosteiro da Batalha- This monastery is located only a few hours from Lisbon 20 km from Leiria. This most important simbol of the second dinasty.In 1385 there was an very important batle in Aljubarrota against the spanish that wanted to control portugal, the king was so confiant that he was going to win that he prayed to the virgin mary and promised an monstery if he won.He won so he ordered to build this great monument. During the follwing years there were plans of expansion of the church and some alterations but they were never completed. Now we have unfinished monastery of batalha.

Mosteiro dos Hieronimitas and Torre de Belém in Lisbon- This two fantastic monunements are the most famous monuments in all Portugal and they are in the majority of postcards of my Country. This monuments are located in Belém in the west part of Lisbon city where people say that the first caravels left to the portuguese expansion.
The mosteiro dos Heironimitas or "Mosteiro dos Jerónimos"was started to being built in 1501 and finished very fast a century after. One of the duties of the monks in there was to pray for the ones that left near by to the new world. The guys that left really needed a lot of praying, so you have to understand why they where so religious( going to the rought sea without knowing where going and with a boat so fagril, you really have to pray).

Torre de Belém-The main objective of this tower, toguether with other that existed in the other side of the river Tagus and in Cascais was to protect the entrace of Lisbon. It was order to be built by the king D.João II in the XV century.

Central Zone of the Town of Angra do Heroismo in the Azores
In the midle of the atlantic ocean, there are the beautifull islands of Azores. Angra do Heroismo in Terceira Island was a very important military port in XV and it was used has a recharge point to the ships going to India and other important comercial stops.

For more details: azores4.html

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eheheheehe já tens com que entreter até te ires embora :) pelo menos vamos ficar a saber muito sobre o patrinómio UNESCO!!!

SÓ 13 dias????????????????

Paula Miranda disse...

Muito interessante o teu blog, mas neste teu "artigo" deverias, na minha mais modesta opinião, ter posto os nomes dos monumentos em português, afinal é em Portugal que eles estão e a nossa língua ainda não mudou.

Muito british!

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por acaso é verdade devia ter posto os nomes em português e é o que vou fazer.obrigado.bjs.