quarta-feira, julho 06, 2005


After comming from bangladesh i am going to germany but this time i am going at work.
I am going to do a litle corse about coastal and marine management, i hope to learn things so i can bring them to Portugal and give my contribute to our society.

This is the site course so if you want to known what is about there is everything at http://www.eucc-d.de/summerschool2005/index.html.

The course is going to take place near Rostock. I heard that is a nice city of the old east germany, is in the baltic coast and everyday you have ferrys to danmark and to other baltic countrys. The trip to danmark only takes one hour so probably i will go there so i can say:
I know very well danmark( i was there about 10 minutes)!

The place is called warnemuende
Has you can see it looks to be very nice.
When i come back i hope to have better photos.
The photo is from the website above. To see more about that place you just have to click on the link

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Floppy disse...

óóóóóóóóóó como é que eu vou viver tanto tempo sem ti??????? COMO?

olha, n puseste os dias outra vez!