quinta-feira, julho 14, 2005

I leave in 17 days

I leave in 17 days!
I have already taken the necessary shots(hepatitus A) bought the malarian medicin, the complex b pills, the diarreia pills and the mosquito repelent.Today i will buy the lonely planet guide. I have almost everything but still i don't have a camera.

Instead of only reading the portuguese news i read the bengally news and see the weather forecast. The forecast is very simple, rain, rain and more rain, humidity 89%, 26 degrees, wind 10 km/h, not bad.
I confess i need the monsoons, i am really tired of seeing fire news in Portugal, for sure there won't be much there. Well, a few weeks ago there was a big gas explosion there, but nothing is perfect.

"Cheaper Chinese, Indian fabrics flood local market"
Country's local fabric markets have become flooded with cheaper and low quality imported foreign fabric, specially from China and India through under-invoicing and false declaration. ".
I think i heard this new somewhere in Portugal, the only difference is that this happens in Bangladesh.

Hey young man/lady do you want to know for any reason the weather in Daka, this site is for you-http://www.virtualbangladesh.com/bd_weather.html

Like i said

i leave in 17 days

3 comentários:

Floppy disse...

LIVRA-TE de não me trazeres uma prendinha!!! LIVRA-TE!!! mudo a fechadura do gabinete e deixo a tua papelada à entrada ;)

pulquerio disse...

Eu trago uma prendinha nem que seja um pouco de água da chuva :)

Anónimo disse...

Sera possivel que cada vez que vou de ferias a Portugal tu vais dar uma voltinha pelo mundo????