quinta-feira, julho 06, 2006

for a long time that i didn't wirte in the blog but i am still alive. it was this blog birthday on the 4 of Jully. one year ago i was on my way to Blangadesh and now i have a new destination on my mind. in june i was in morocco and now i am going to ......................look to the photo and guess

the image is from http://eol.jsc.nasa.gov/sseop/images/EO/highres/ISS008/ISS008-E-17326.JPG .

i am going to Japan. i will land in tokyo and then i will be near the fuji mountain in a workcamp for 14 days. i hope to see the north of honshu and also kyoto and nara.

i will describe my adventure online

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AniaPL disse...

Well, that's definitely a cheap country to go to...;)I can see that you are still for more and more distant places. What kind of workcamp is it this time? I am not doing any this year, unless I get desperate with my current holiday plans. hope to hear something more about the trip from you!

Salete disse...

Sim, senhor! Um blog interessante.
Fico à espera de ler a "aventura on-line"!